Meet The Designer

Caroline is the owner, maker, designer, photographer and curator of her handmade jewellery and aromatherapy business. In 2012, she began a journey of self-exploration and acquiring new

skills after leaving her corporate job to pursue a more meaningful and creative career.

After completing several silver-smithing and aromatherapy courses, Caroline quickly turned her interests into a full-time business and a new way of life. 

Her design inspirations come from childhood memories and significant events in life (love, loss and friendship) that create a sense of comfort or nostalgia for the wearer.

Caroline's love of animals is evident in her collection of Pet Loss Memorial jewellery that help to provide a way for owners to keep a 'piece' of their beloved fur-friend close-by after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Caroline's unique way of conducting business has proven to be highly successful as seen by the positive feedback she receives from her customers on a daily basis. This is largely due to her willingness to pay close attention to all her customers' requests and needs, ensuring they each end up with a piece that they've contributed to in some way, making it unique, personal and one-of-a-kind.


All products are made using ethically sourced raw materials from overseas and local suppliers that have all passed checks on maintaining a healthy and safe working environment as well as providing services that save energy and reduce emissions.

Whenever possible, supplies and materials are purchased from small local businesses to support the economy as well as helping the 'small fish' get by in this global competitive environment

Caroline assembles custom pieces on a daily basis via her workspace and then sells them online or in person to customers at local markets.

The aromatherapy roll-ons are made from high quality and therapeutic-grade essential oils that have been carefully blended to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety or low mood while promoting feelings of positivity and empowerment which are all things that Caroline strongly believes will help in maintaining emotional health and wellbeing.